Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 April 2013
Today was a classic Colorado Spring Day-blowing snow in the morning and a sunny afternoon. Today's high count was 19 birds. MALE HIGH COUNT: 18 FEMALE HIGH COUNT:1 The birds flushed early due to inclement weather-blowing, wet snow.

4 April 2013
Today was an exciting day for our volunteer. A copulation and a couple wing fights were witnessed. Today's high count was 32 birds. MALE HIGH COUNT: 21 FEMALE HIGH COUNT: 9 UNKNOWN SEX HIGH COUNT:2

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 April 2013
Today was another good day on the Waunita lek-relatively calm air and good visibility.
We had high counts today of 31 MALES and 6 FEMALES. The birds have been sticking around for at least 30 minutes after sunrise, making for good viewing! Still keep looking to the North  at the base of the hill. Happy birding to you!

Monday, April 1, 2013

31 March 2013 marked the first day of the viewing season for our dedicated volunteers. We started the morning at 5am and headed out to Waunita Lek. Fourteen volunteers were present.
The morning started out cool, with decent visibility-the air was virtually still.
We had an initial high count of 21 MALES and 4 FEMALES. However when more than we had counted flushed we realized the birds were a lot more dispersed than usual. If you are viewing the birds expand your search to the North and into the hills East of the lek-the sage-brush makes it a challenge!
By the end of the morning we had counted between 49 and 53 flushed individuals-an outstanding number of grouse when we consider that the high count at Waunita Lek was 25 individual birds last year.

1 April 2013 marked the first day that the lek is open to public and commercial viewing.
MALE high count: 17
FEMALE high count: 6
Today was a strange Colorado spring day and a brief snow storm caused the birds to flush.
Fortunately it does not appear that the birds are continuing their early flush pattern from last year.