Friday, April 16, 2021

Wednesday morning, April 14th, was about 39 degrees with 30% could cover. No birds were seen at the site today. There was quite a bit of coyote activity, with one heading North around 6:20, a pair near the North lek at 6:40, and another seen at the North Meadow at 7:33.

Thursday morning, April 15th, was about 39 degrees F with 80% cloud cover. The high male count was 18 with no females seen. All birds were see at the East Ridge with none at the North Meadow. Three coyotes were seen near the main lek at 6:20.

Today was about 29 degrees F, with 90% cloud cover. It snowed lightly over the evening, stopping at by about sunrise. The ridge appeared to have more snow. No birds were seen today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

 Sunday was the first day of the viewing closure period, which will extend until April 17th. Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation in reducing disturbance to the Gunnison Sage-grouse of Waunita.

Sunday, April 11th: The temperature at the start of the morning was of about 25 degrees F.  Skies were clear and with a wind speed of about 0 mph. Our high count was 34, and our high female count was 2, with a total of 36.  The majority of the birds were in the North Meadow, with 11 on the East Ridge beginning around 6:47. Birds were observed in the North Meadow until 7:40 and on the ridge until about 7:48. Coyotes were heard calling at 5:30 and there was a coyote in the North Meadow for about half an hour beginning at 6:15, at one point moving as close as 50 meters or so to the birds. No response from the birds was observed. Other wildlife present included Western meadowlark, Mallards, Red-winged Blackbird, and a Vesper sparrow song.


Monday, April 12th: The morning had a temperature of 21 degrees F with about 25% cloud cover. Wind speed was about 0 mph. The high male count was 30, the high female count was 2, and 12 unknown, with a total of 44 birds seen. Most were observed in the North Meadow, with 13 on the East ridge. Birds were observed at the North Meadow until about 7:52 and on the East Ridge until 7:45. A coyote passed near the North Meadow around 6:55, but no response from the birds was observed.


Today, April 13th: The morning was about 36 degrees F with a cloud cover of 98%. Wind speed was about 15-20 mph. Less birds were observed today, with a high male count of 6, no females, and 2 unknown, with a total of 6. Three of the males were observed in the North Meadow from 6:18 until 6:42 and 3 on the East Ridge from 6:35 to 7:36.  A coyote was observed in the North meadow at 7:08, but no grouse were present or visible at that time.